Huffer NZFW 2012 Review



Huffer unveiled its El Summer (Spring/Summer 12) range in an installation, meets exhibition, meets celebration on Friday, that had punters queueing around the corner!

In this collection, already in stores, huffer presents a tribute to the dirty sub-tropics of America/Mexico, taking particular inspiration from the food, the sunshine, and living out of the idyllic fantasy of the American Dream – in the gritty reality of everyday life.


In showcasing this range, huffer teamed up with infamous photographer, Mark ?The Cobrasnake? Hunter, known for his documentation of nightlife around the world. The photos he took in his hometown of LA were proudly presented on the walls of the venue.

Setting the scene for this contemporary-meets-vintage style, is a plethora of soft-sculpture cacti by Auckland-based artist Priscilla Hunter. Hunter designed her shrine to the Mexican cultural landscape using splashes of fabrics huffer?s El Summer range, as well as a myriad of Mexican nicknacks.


The brand?s Summer collection featured clean cut clothing, in light, breathable fabrics. With a selection of bright, eye-catching colours and modern yet stylish dresses, shorts, and tops, there?s sure to be something in the collection for everyone.


CLICK HERE to view Huffer NZFW 2012 behind the scenes with Sam Lee


– Lena Aseeva

Images: Sam Lee



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