Dmonic Intent + Syre NZFW 2015

Even though streetwear is incredibly popular in New Zealand it’s usually under represented on the fashion week runway, so it was great to see Syre present a cool collection that effectively brought the street to the runway. Layered monochromatic looks mixed tartan, quilting and reflective details for men and women in outfits that had a definite ‘don’t mess with me’ attitude.

Asymmetrical hems, casual draping and metallic accents added to the devil-may-care feel of the range with a monochromatic stamp motif branding the collection as ‘original gangsta’. Hooded jackets amplified the smoky makeup making for a modern take on gothic. It was a self-assured range that will certainly be popular with those who like their streetwear with a modern twist.

Presenting the first avant-garde collection of the week, Dmonic Intent opened with mature British model Mercy Brewer in a long grey dress almost reminiscent of religious robes, accented by a crimson felt hat, red-rimmed eyes and trailing silver earrings. The womenswear looks that followed were equally dramatic with bold hues and exaggerated silhouettes.

Sheer mesh added a sexy quality emphasised by detailed metallic bustiers, while lace edging kept things feminine. Although this is a collection that’s all about being noticed and the styling made no mistake about that especially with the dramatic headwear. Dmonic Intent’s style is equally subversive and rebellious so no doubt their fans will love their latest unique offering.

By Evelyn Ebrey
Images: Yvonne Shearer Photography

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