Cecilia Kang Couture, Face Me Makeup NZFW 2019

Finale at Cecilia Kang Couture, Face Me Makeup NZFW 2019. Image by Getty Images.

Opulence and extravagance was explored to epic proportions at Cecilia Kang Couture’s New Zealand Fashion Week 2019 show. As one might expect from a label with ‘couture’ in its title, Kang’s collection featured bold shapes, dramatic details and of course, lashings of all things glittery.

The room was lit with a hazy blue light, which transformed into a flurry of strobes as the music ramped up and the show began. One by one, the models sashayed and strutted their way out onto the reflective, silver catwalk as upbeat house music revved up.

The opening look was a mid-length, grey jumpsuit which featured symmetrical fold on the torso and long sleeves decorated with looped ruffles in a subtly reptilian style. Made from an eye-catching sparkly grey fabric, and styled with fur, leather and metallic accessories, this look paved the way for the myriad of playful textural mixing to come. Not only that, it reflected the crystals and sequins the team at Face Me Makeup dotted around the model’s eyes – quite literally even.

Each of the pieces showed a range of vibrant fabrics – some patterned, some plain – juxtaposed with texture-heavy additions like metallic pleather, lace, organza and sequins. The headlining fabric in the collection, however, was tulle. Taking many forms, the tulle was used to accentuate oversized shoulders, add length to skirts, create dramatic necklines and even create a ruffle-trimmed cape.

Dresses were of course the highlight of this couture show. From ice queens to the most glamorous of film villains, a number of the dresses and their matching headdresses were evocative of fabulous pop-culture film icons. The silhouettes were often serpentine, with long trails extending from the lavish dresses. The inclusion of headdresses made from everything from feathers to bangles, to metal mesh also added tonnes of drama to the looks as well as an extra dose of embellishment.

While the frivolity of the garments took centre stage, there were some fabulous accessories on display too. Chic handbags courtesy of local leathergood brand Pedro’s Bluff were carried by the models, and a number of studded, statement belts were boldly wrapped around the dresses.

Cecilia Kang Couture’s collection was a true celebration of texture and dramatism, which saw inventive materials and the boundaries of fabrics being pushed in the most opulent of ways.

Music notes: Upbeat and baseline-heavy house music

Must-have item: A bright emerald metallic accordion skirt and any of the dramatically embellished cream dresses.

Beauty Notes: The hair for Cecilia Kang was lead by Amelia Henderson from Ponsonby Hue and her team. The hair look saw the models sporting different styles with a variety of “wet-glam” looks to coincide with the model’s full outfit look. Some of the looks included a sleek pony, fish braids and a textured rope look.

The makeup for this show was lead by Elizabeth Canales and this show was a collaboration with Face Me Makeup. The makeup looks were a nod to the “galaxy extravaganza” theme of the gowns. Each model had their own look with lots of jewels, pearls, beads and glitter.

Images by Getty Images.


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