Annah Stretton NZFW 2015

Annah Stretton’s shows have been a consistent feature on the New Zealand Fashion Week runway for many years and each production is carefully considered to enhance the theme of the collection. This year her show was entitled ‘Mirror Mirror’ which was evident as soon as the crowd entered the space with over-sized mirror balls overhanging the length of the runway.

As the mirror balls began to spin sending dancing light around the room Amy Winehouse’s melancholic ‘Back to Black’ set the tone for a suitably sombre beginning to the show. Models featured slick white-painted hair and faces that graduated into skin tones and had an almost ghostly look that suited the greys and blacks of the opening outfits. A very prim and proper mood was set by buttoned-up shirts and midi-skirts which still demonstrated an ease of wear through their slightly relaxed silhouettes. It felt like every day wear that would tone in perfectly with a wintery grey sky.

Next up Annah Stretton brought more colour to the runway with neon florals contrasted against black to the strains of Pink’s anarchic ‘So What’. The circular head pieces and pink dabbed lipstick added a definite Japanese feel to the range which was enhanced by wrap dresses and square necklines. Rainbow pinstripes and abstract prints added even more colour while sheer panels and prominent splits had a sultry effect.

Lastly the collection returned to its earlier dusky tones with highlights of raspberry and more buttoned-up looks. They were followed by floor-grazing evening dresses and a standout cocoon coat that will no doubt be a covetable piece for winter. There was certainly a lot to choose from for Annah Stretton fans next season and several strong looks that will definitely sell out quickly.

By Evelyn Ebrey
Images: Yvonne Shearer Photography


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