Andrea Moore NZFW 2012 Review



Andrea Moore set the scene for her ‘The Hunt’ AW2013 collection with the sound of horses hooves on gravel. The themeing continued with the models wearing black hats with ponytails tumbling down their foreheads like manes. I have to tell you, the writing of this doesn’t really do it justice but it was the most cohesive theme thus far at fashion week. Loved it.



Oh, and I loved the clothes, too. Andrea Moore’s garments were beautifully tailored, incredibly wearable and illustrated perfectly what this designer does so well – she makes clothing that women will wear. Her palette ranged from cobalt to a biscuit cream, vivid orange to pale pink and prints and plaids featured. Possum fur added both a textural and luxurious element.



Moore’s cropped jackets were exceptional – versions included one with ruffles down the back, one with silver sleeves and another with fur sleeves. I also loved her gorgeous capes with slits for arms in vibrant red and black wool, and of course her trademark winter coats.



The use of velvet was strong with slim-cut suits and separates assuredly strutting their way down the runway in tones of purple, black, brown and navy. Stand-out was the exclusive prancing pony print in a variety of colours and fabrics – the red/navy velvet prancing pony print suit was beyond gorgeous. The print was repeated in silks and the horse motif even made it’s way onto a sweater.



Vibrant digital prints also made an appearance in dresses, pants, tops and jackets with a pretty teal digital print satin sheaf pulled into a bustle at the rear.



Winter maxis made the cut, delicate versions in purple and black lace and a high collared wool one with an asymmetrical slit across the back that was sexy beyond measure.
This collection was hallmark Andrea Moore and deserves to sell brilliantly.


CLICK HERE to view Andrea Moore NZFW12 – Runway


Jackie O’Fee


Images: Giana Patel


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