Eve launches travel-sized supplements perfect for the summer break

Eve mini pills

Eve’s supplements are now available in mini sizes. Image supplied.

With summer holidays on the cards, Kiwis are planning their beach escapes in search of some summer fun. With that travel comes a packing list of essential items for our sun-drenched trips, which usually include travel size minis for your hair and skincare products, but what happens to our supplements? They usually get thrown together into a plastic zip-lock bag and the multiple clunky bottles left behind.

Women’s healthcare brand Eve has created mini-sized jars for two of their most popular supplements, Chill Pills and Morning Person – both are helpful to support a relaxed, stress-free break.

Morning Person is formulated to free people from commonly felt spirals of exhaustion, which we tend to combat with a flat white. Morning Person lifts energy levels and, in turn, supports better brain function and healthy stress response – without the anxiety-inducing issues caffeine often brings.  A unique combination of high strength and fast-acting bioavailable B vitamins and ginseng provide immediate energy support in the short term, while adaptogenic Rhodiola Rosea works overtime to bolster internal engines for healthy vitality long term. Bonus, Morning Person also acts as a great energy lift after a few too many rosés in the sun.

Like Morning Person, Chill Pills work immediately. Containing high-strength kava that, unlike other herbs and adaptogens, instantly bring on calmer feelings. Often compared to CBD, it’s like meditation in a bottle for times of stress and anxiety, and also supports healthy sleep. Key to ensuring the break provides some much needed R&R.

The seven day travel bag supply is available online at evewellness.com for RRP $19, so snap yours up quick before you hit the road.

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