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Fashionable resuables

Kate Hall aka Ethically Kate shares fashionable reusables. Image supplied.

We’ve already established reusables are super fashionable, but not all reusables are made equal. Although I’m a big advocate for using what you have (e.g. glass jar, yoghurt tub, old Tupperware), fashionable reusables can encourage you to actually remember to take them out with you, and can honestly turn into a fashion accessory that makes your outfit POP.

Just like my Yuhme bottle at New Zealand Fashion Week last year.


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The most fashionable accessory at @nzfashionwk 2019… the reusable drink bottle 🙌 @ouryuhme ✨Just because you’re at an event, doesn’t mean you should leave your reusables behind!!⠀ .⠀ Wearing my @milieustore throw, 7 year old boots, @sustainable_hosiery stockings, @bohomeandroam cuff and… my @tamgadesigns dress 🥰⠀ .⠀ Yesterday I spoke up to one of the biggest New Zealand fashion retailers (responsible for 26% of the apparel in NZ), and asked them publicly: what about the people? What about the hands who made the clothes? Explain your $5 t-shirts? 🤨 Thank you for all your lovely messages of support: I was shaking in my boots (literally). Speaking up for those without a voice may be uncomfortable, but it’s crucial we sit in the awkwardness & push for change ❤️- watch my IG stories for the full question & @thewarehousenz answer ..⠀ .⠀ 📷 @nectar_photography

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Right now you may only have the choice to take your reusable coffee cup with you to the garden for a few moments of fresh air, your bamboo cutlery and reusable containers to the picnic table outside, or your reusable water bottle on an adventure to the garage. Even though New Zealand is in lockdown, this doesn’t stop you from browsing through fashionable reusables and dreaming of all the places you will take them when this is over!

P.S. If you’re a reusable fan like me, signing the Takeaway Throwaways petition to push the New Zealand government to ban single-use disposable serviceware containing plastic and erect reusable systems instead, is something you can do from your couch during lockdown! Sign it, share it, and join the people’s campaign here.

Your guide to fashionable reusables:

Fashionable resuables

Tote bags

Haven & Co.
I wear bright colours, so a neutral tote bag is usually my go-to. Haven & Co offer a handy Farmers Market Bag that will fit all your essentials, plus a larger ‘Tote Bag with Pockets’ if you need to carry larger items, like a laptop or change of clothes.

Salt Bags
Salt Bags have used the art of Furoshikito to create a beautiful carry bag in a style I’ve never discovered before. Check out their navy stripes or sunshine colours, all complete with cute ties on the sides and different ways to carry whatever you need.
Drink bottles

The most fashionable drink bottle of them all! Chunky stainless steel bottles are covered in artwork by New Zealand artists. I like to describe Chunky bottles as moving art pieces filled with water. Each design is unique, so you can browse through the options and pick one that suits the type of fashionista you are.

Be Vibrant
Nothing says ‘I’m fashionable’ like a glass water bottle with a bamboo lid. Be Vibrant’s best sellers are their SOL bottles that come in a vast range of colours. Take your pick. Beware, family members may steal these from you because they’re just so gorgeous… speaking from experience.

Fashionable resuables

Coffee mugs

Oka Pottery
Oka Pottery mugs are the definition of a trendy reusable. They have a huge waiting list for every ‘mug drop’ (not literally, don’t worry). Their New Zealand made pottery is an absolute dream boat; you’ll be sure to turn heads as you walk into your local for a morning cuppa (or into your kitchen for a plunger brew #lockdown).

Joco Cups
I’m lucky enough to have my very own Joco Cup, and I collect compliments with it as well as almond chai lattes. Rock a classy glass body with a band of colour in whatever tone you desire.

Fashionable resuables

Takeaway containers

The Market
Looking to add a dash of colour to your reusables? The Market stock Ever Eco Nesting Containers. Enjoy a sweet russian doll situation with stainless steel bottoms and colourful silicone lids. Did I mention they’re leak resistant too?

The Eco Society
Takeaway containers are essential for carrying leftovers to work, picking up curry for dinner, and saving leftovers to take home with you if you cannot finish your restaurant meal. The Eco Society stocks several types of reusables, but their range of plain stainless steel containers is particularly brilliant.

Fashionable resuables


Bento Ninja
Fancy a spork or reusable chopsticks? Bento Ninja sell plain, simple, chic cutlery designed especially for the minimalist who doesn’t want to carry a huge bundle of cutlery everywhere they go.

Honey Wrap
You know those picture perfect smoothie bowls with wooden cutlery poking out on the side? This bamboo cutlery set from Honey Wrap will get you one step closer to achieving this. It’s a complete set too! In this set you’ll acquire a knife, fork, spoon, straw, chopsticks, and even a little straw cleaner.

Fashionable resuables


Rose gold goodness in thick smoothie straw shapes = reusable fashion at its finest. A CaliWoods straw was one of my first ever purchases, and as a smoothie drinker who eats out with people who may not love smoothie moustaches, my rose gold straw continues to travel everywhere with me.

Earth Love
If metal isn’t your thing, try reusable handmade bamboo straws from Earth Love. If you wash them straight after every use, they should last you years, if not, decades.

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