Essential accessories for Winter

Winter has really hit hard now and while we all would much rather be able to stay tucked up in bed, sometimes needs must and we have to leave the house. To make sure you’re nice and cosy while you’re out and about, we’ve found some accessories so you can bundle up and stay warm.

Winter Essentials Gloves

Top row: Debut Close Knit Gloves, $15.00 from The Warehouse (left), Boston & Bailey Waffle Soft Loft Gloves, $14.99 from Farmers (centre), Next Popcorn Knitted Mittens, $19.00 from EziBuy (right).
Bottom row: Next Leather Gloves, $38.00 from EziBuy (left), Next Knitted Gloves, $19.99 from EziBuy (centre), Black Leopard Gloves, $39.50 from Redcurrent (right).

My hands are the first place I feel the cold, so I think a good pair of gloves is essential. If you live somewhere cold and windy, go for a knitted glove to keep warm. If it snows or rains a lot, then I’d recommend leather or faux leather gloves.

Winter Essentials Hats

Top row: Debut Women’s Quilted Cap, $15.00 from The Warehouse (left), ASOS Cat Ears Beanie With Faux Fur Ears, $20.00 from ASOS (centre), Debut Women’s Soft Beret, $15.00 from The Warehouse (right).
Bottom row: Felt Hat, AUD $17.97 from Crossroads (left), ASOS Baker Boy Cap With Patent PU Peak, AUD $32.00 from ASOS (centre), Debut Felt Fedora Hat, $20.00 from The Warehouse (right).

As well as keeping your head warm, hats can help to protect your hair from the winter weather. I prefer a big brimmed hat but if it’s a windy day then I’d recommend a close fitting hat so it doesn’t fly away.

Winter Essentials Scarves

Top row: Lurex Flecked Scarf, AUD $34.99 from Autograph (left), Metallic Star Scarf, AUD $29.99 from Autograph (centre), Leopard Foil Scarf, AUD $11.97 from Crossroads (right),
Bottom row: Debut Sequin Snood, $20.00 from The Warehouse (left), Sadie Ribbed Knit Oversize Scarf, $14.00 from (centre), Debut Chunky Rib Snood, $20.00 from The Warehouse (right).

My all time favourite winter accessory has to be a scarf. It’s a great way to add colour and texture to your outfit, and it’s basically like wearing a blanket. Snoods are great for easy wear or you can go for a long scarf and tie it in a myriad of ways depending on your mood.

Meagan Kerr also writes at This is Meagan Kerr.

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