Esse celebrates the holiday season with stylish capsule collection


Esse has released an elegant capsule collection for the holiday season. Image supplied.

Esse wrapped up 2021 by releasing a stylish holiday capsule collection of elegant summer pieces. Designer Alicia Tsi has named the range Flux and Flow as it celebrates how we have navigated change and the forces that steer our lives in the past year.

“With the holiday season evolving in a time of flux, celebrating and gathering with loved ones look different,” says Alicia Tsi. “The capsule is a reminder to embrace flux as the very essence of our existence and flow with it.”

For the beautiful capsule Alicia has brought back some of Esse’s best-selling holiday styles that exude ease and sophistication. The new pieces have also been inspired by the nature of living and constant change with favourite styles re-imagined in a luxurious palette of silk, cupro and rescued viscose. Each piece is ethically made in limited runs to ensure minimal impact on the planet and means the wearer is getting something special that will last for many years to come.



Images supplied.

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