Emma Lewisham launches high-performance Supernatural Sleeping Mask

Emma Lewisham Beauty Sleep

Emma Lewisham has launched the brand’s first mask, the Supernatural Sleeping Mask. Image supplied.

The latest release from Emma Lewisham is the brand’s first mask, a super-charged Supernatural Sleeping Mask which arrived in stores and online today. Three years in the making, the new mask is a perfect addition to the brand’s high-performance Supernatural range which includes Supernatural Face Crème Riche and Supernatural Face Oil and are both best-selling products. It also complements the brand’s full skincare range which offers scientifically backed yet natural skincare that delivers on results while being circular-designed and environmentally responsible.

To develop the Supernatural Sleeping Mask, the Emma Lewisham team conducted extensive research on the skin’s nocturnal activity and how it changes overnight. They recognised the potential to elevate what could be achieved with an overnight treatment by working with the dynamic behaviour of the skin, which switches from a “protection mode” during the day to “repair mode” overnight. The Supernatural Sleeping Mask features 22 hard-working active ingredients (of which 72% organic and 41% are regenerative) that are designed to optimise that overnight activity.

As we’re sleeping, our skin works to remove toxins and repair the skin barrier, build collagen synthesis and stimulate cell turnover. To help support this process the Supernatural Sleeping Mask includes Gardenia Jasminoide extract which contains ferulic acid, which is a natural antioxidant to help brighten and offer skin protection. It targets sensitised skin, helping reduce the look of red and dehydrated skin and improving skin flaking and scaliness. When topically applied, the extract enhances the skin’s natural overnight repair system by binding to melatonin receptors. The result is it dramatically amplifies skin regeneration and provides the foundation for enhanced efficacy. The innovative formulation delivers 360 degrees of powerful activity to dramatically reduce fine lines, plump, brighten, and renew the skin.

The formulation’s specialised lipopeptides, antioxidants, and energy enhancing molecules, create a dual-action effect that both increases the production of collagen and elastin, while also decreasing its natural degradation. Collagen and elastin synthesis is enhanced by energising the cells and harnessing the power of Lipopeptides to enhance the cell’s own matrix production processes. This specialised lipopeptide is further combined with powerful antioxidants to protect and prevent degradation of both collagen and elastin. The end-to-end system restores the skin’s structure, resulting in a plump and firm complexion.

Supernatural Sleeping Mask has a powerful triple-action approach to hydration which delivers a dramatic increase in the skin’s moisture, which Emma Lewisham has stated is proven to remain for up to 72 hours. The brand’s hydrating complex both enhances moisture and increases its retention, leaving the skin plump and smooth with a healthy glow. The mask features two weights of hyaluronic acid to provide both deep and surface hydration, while the skin’s own production of this moisture molecule is enhanced by Saccharide Isomerate. This luminous hydration is protected and maintained by innovative ceramide and phyto-complexes, enhancing the skin barrier to protect against trans-epidermal water loss to maintain a healthy, hydrated epidermis.

Specialised plant extracts round out the mask’s ingredients delivering calm, bright, and ultra-conditioned skin. They include Alpha hydroxy acids from the Hibiscus sabdariffa flower which gently dissolve the glue that cements dead skin cells together to reveal the fresh and radiant cells underneath. This bright skin is protected and nourished by a unique cultivation of Edelweiss stem cells, which have high concentrations of leontopodic acid and flavonoids to promote skin suppleness and restore the appearance of skin.

Like all Emma Lewisham products, the Supernatural Sleeping Mask is certified Carbon Positive under Toitū Envirocare’s Climate Positive Product Certification and is 100% circular-designed and refillable through the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle. The brand take their commitment to the environment seriously offering customers the ability to send back their empty containers for free which are then sterilised and refilled or recycled through TerraCycle. Customers can then purchase a refill instead of a brand new product which reduces their carbon emissions by up to 74%. Beauty products that make you look and feel good and are good for the planet is definitely win-win.

Emma Lewisham Beauty Sleep

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