Emma Lewisham launches exciting new Illuminating range

Emma Lewisham Illuminating range

Emma Lewisham has released a new Illuminating range. Images supplied.

Clean beauty brand Emma Lewisham released it’s latest range this week called Illuminating which adds two high performing new products to it’s successful collection of sustainable beauty products. The exciting new products include Illuminating Oil Cleanser and Illuminating Exfoliant which are both 100% natural. Founder Emma Lewisham has become a pioneer in the clean beauty industry, dedicated to creating luxurious, scientifically-backed skincare that doesn’t come at a trade-off to women’s health or the planet’s.

“I’ve wanted to release a truly efficacious, but 100% natural, cleansing range that was true to our brand’s core for many years,” says Emma Lewisham. “I believe cleansing is often a second thought; people don’t place enough importance around properly cleansing and exfoliating. It’s the underdog of the skincare industry, and I’ve set out to change this. Proper cleansing and exfoliation slows down ageing, enables the following skincare products to penetrate the epidermis effectively, and it lays the building blocks for strong overall skin health.”

Emma Lewisham’s Iluminating Oil Cleanser contains 23 high performing active ingredients that bathe the face with hydration. It offers full-spectrum skin beautifying antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins for unparalleled performance in detoxifying, brightening and hydrating the skin’s complexion. The new formula harnesses the superpowers of a signature blend of four prized flower enzymes: Neroli Absolute, Rose Absolute, Jasmine Absolute, and Bulgarian Lavender. This luxurious combination of flowers gently exfoliates away dead skin cells for illuminating skin. They also promote the release of Betaendorphin, a neuropeptide which can aid in muscle relaxation and soften fine lines. Upon contact with water, this clever oil transforms into a milky emulsion to ensure a residue-free finish.

The new Iluminating Exfoliant is created with 21 high-performing natural ingredients that deeply detoxify and hydrate the skin. They create a unique chemical and physical hybrid exfoliant for the softest skin. The Exfoliant contains natural lactic acid (AHA), which is derived from maize and it works to penetrate the glue that cements dead skin cells together, revealing a smoother, brighter surface. The product also features Willow bark (BHA) which penetrates and breaks down the excess sebum buildup in clogged pores to help prevent breakouts. Environmentally friendly Jojoba beads physically exfoliate the skin upon application and are washed off after exfoliation.

Emma Lewisham’s Illuminating range is safe for all women to use, at every stage of their life, as everyone deserves great skin. Each product, as with all other Emma Lewisham products, is refillable and recyclable through the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle.

Emma Lewisham Illuminating range

Images supplied.

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