Emma Lewisham debuts illuminating day crème

Emma Lewisham Illuminating

Emma Lewisham’s new Brighten Your Day Crème. Image supplied.

One of our favourite homegrown beauty brands, Emma Lewisham has just launched the perfect accompaniment to her growing collection of sustainable, ethical, recyclable, natural range of products – an illuminating day crème that is everything and more! Introducing the Brighten Your Day Crème which is available online and at Emma Lewisham stockists now.

The formula is attributed to the brightening synergy of Acerola and Kakadu plum; both are potent natural vitamin C extracts. Simultaneously, a gentle blend of AHAs (including Caviar Lime and Lime Pearl) and BHAs (Willow Bark) exfoliate dead skin cells for unrivalled radiance and skin health. Cleverly, the Brighten Your Day Crème formula incorporates hydration powerhouse, Saccharide Isomerate, a humectant that replenishes and maintains the skin barrier’s moisture reservoir for up to 72-hours. The Day Crème is best used in the morning before applying your appropriate daily SPF.

“We believe in creating fewer products that have a plethora of skin health benefits,” says Founder Emma Lewisham. “It’s pivotal to us that each new product has a specific purpose. We’ve been inundated with requests from our community for a scientifically backed, 100% natural Day Crème that isn’t formulated with SPF.”

“Our luxurious Day Crème is engineered for unparalleled results, with formidable brightening properties that illuminate, hydrate and plump the skin’s complexion. It’s also uniquely scientifically-proven to boost Type I collagen production synthesis at a cellular level. All while leaving the skin with a glow like no other on the market.”

Not only is this crème 100% natural and safe to use for everyone, including during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but the crème is also cleverly packaged in new circular-designed refillable jars. The idea is to send back the empty pods for sterilization and repurposing or recycling through the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle, replacing your own jar with a new pod filled with product. It’s another exciting step forward in Emma Lewisham’s circularity journey and this new day crème will no doubt become a staple in your beauty routine too.

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