Elizabeth Arden unveils new Vitamin C Ceramide Capsules

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide capsules

Elizabeth Arden’s new Vitamin C Radiance Renewal Serum. Image supplied.

Elizabeth Arden has been a pillar in the skincare industry since 1910, with many groundbreaking beauty product releases over the years. In 1990 Elizabeth Arden introduced Ceramide Capsules, the first-ever of its kind. Fast forward to 2018 and Elizabeth Arden continued on with the launch of the award-winning Ceramide Capsules Line Erasing Night Serum and now the number one selling serum welcomes its newest innovation, introducing Vitamin C Radiance Renewal Serum. These single-use dry oil serum capsules combine both Vitamin C and Ceramides to bring you the best formula yet for the ultimate lit from within glow for your skin.

What is Vitamin C and Ceramide and what do they do for your skin?
These capsules are super-charged with Vitamin C that is 178 times more potent than regular Vitamin C to offer the maximum efficiency and protection against external factors, delivering optimal brightening for the skin. They also help to nourish and strengthen the skins natural moisture barrier, while fighting against hyperpigmentation and protecting the skin from free-radical damage. The Vitamin C is oil-soluble rather than traditional Vitamin C which is water-soluble. This optimises the delivery of ingredients to the surface of the skin, meaning it is most efficient at doing what it needs to do and going where it needs to go. The capsules are bio-degradable and instantly brighten the skin, working from the outside in to fight against dullness and give you the best protection.

The key ingredients in these capsules are Vitamin C, to help diminish dullness, improve radiance and glow and minimise dark spots and discolouration for an evener skin tone. Ceramides 2 and 3 to help protect skin from moisture loss and also to help prolong the skins glow. Clary sage to help sooth the skin from the effects of environmental aggressors. Vitamin E, which works together with the Vitamin C to protect against free radicals and Avaocade, Sunflower Seed and Olive Oils, for moisturising and conditioning properties.

Each single-use capsule is made to be used day and/or night. The Vitamin C Ceramide Radiance Renewal Serum, 30 capsules, $85 and The Vitamin C Ceramide Radiance Renewal Serum, 60 capsules, $162.

To find out more about this product or any other Elizabeth Arden product you can find their website here.

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