Eight ways to get involved in Fashion Revolution Week 2019

Fashion Revolution Week 2019

Fashion Revolution Week 2019 is on this week from 22 – 28 April. Image supplied.

Fashion Revolution Week has returned for 2019 and this year is the sixth event that marks the Rana Plaza building collapse of 2013. Running from 22nd – 28th April, Fashion Revolution Week is a global movement which is championing change in the fashion industry and asks consumers to challenge brands with #whomademyclothes?

As many of you know by now, Fashion Revolution Week is about achieving greater transparency, sustainability and ethics throughout the fashion industry, ensuring each step of the supply chain is fair and brands are held accountable for their actions. 2018 was the biggest year yet for the event and 2019 is set to be even bigger. Here is how you can get involved this year:

Ask #whomademyclothes?
This is an excellent place to start as it’s important that we as consumers are asking brands who made our clothes and encouraging them to respond. Take a photo of the label of your garment and share it on social media making sure to tag the brand and use #whomademyclothes?

Attend a local event
There are events happening all over the world for Fashion Revolution Week including in your city or in one near you. Find out what’s happening in NZ here and have a look on social media to see what else is on in your area too. It’s not too late to do something of your own either or simply spread the word among your friends.

Sign the manifesto
Fashion Revolution Week have created a manifesto that calls for radical change in the fashion industry and has been signed by fashion fans worldwide. Make your voice heard by signing the manifesto online and share it to encourage others to sign too.

Watch A True Cost
If you haven’t already seen it fashion documentary A True Cost is essential viewing for Fashion Revolution Week as it sheds light on many of the issues in the fashion industry. If you have seen it, this is a great time to refresh your memory or share it with a friend as it’s currently on Netflix too.

Shop secondhand 
Instead of heading out to buy something new perhaps head to a second hand shop or go to a swap meet to find a pre-loved piece to treasure. Recycled fashion is fast becoming even more popular and there are some great finds to be had at your local secondhand store and new friends to be made at swap meets.

Read up on what’s being done
There are lots of resources online about the ethical fashion movement and what’s being done to change the industry for the better. Among the things we’re reading this Fashion Revolution Week is the Garment Worker Diaries which tells the true stories of those workers who make our clothes and what life is like for them.

Write to a policymaker
Change takes time but getting the right people involved makes things quicker. Write to your local politician to share why Fashion Revolution Week matters and what you would like New Zealand to do to change the fashion industry.

Follow some inspiring humans
Keep your Fashion Revolution Week enthusiasm all year round by following some truly inspiring humans doing great things in ethical fashion. We recommend Clare Press (@mrspress) author of Rise & Resist – How to Change the World and Wardrobe Crisis, she’s also Sustainability editor-at-large for Vogue Australia. We also love Kate Hall (ethicallykate) who is honestly documenting her sustainability journey and has lots of tips for her to live and shop ethically. Tamsin Blanchard (@tamsinblanchard) is a journalist and author who has been writing about ethical fashion for over a decade and is the curator of Fashion Open Studio.

For more ideas on how you can get involved, check out Fashion Revolution Week’s website.

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