EGG Maternity, helping mothers with postnatal depression

Becoming a new mum should a joyous time, but for so many Kiwi women the experience will be marred by postnatal depression. Sadly, almost half of sufferers are undiagnosed, leaving them struggling to cope.


EGG Maternity co-founder Charlotte Devereux developed perinatal depression prior to the birth of her second child. With the guidance from the Mental Health Association and her mid-wife Nula Ulmer (who was concerned she could develop post natal depression) she vowed to raise funds to support other mums in the same position.
This year, EGG is launching the limited edition Je t’aime mon bébé baby tote and wrap. This stylish and essential accessory is large enough to fit all baby’s essentials. The cute wrap cleverly threads through eyelets on the bag, and can also be used as a baby swaddle, change mat and breastfeeding cover.
$10 from every sale will go to the Mental Health Foundation, which provides a resource and information service in support of women with PND. In the past, EGG Maternity has contributed towards the cost of producing an information fact sheet on Postnatal Depression.
“Postnatal depression strikes mothers from all walks of life,” says Charlotte. “High profile women with experience of PND include Gwyneth Paltrow, Brooke Shields and Courtney Cox, and they’ve all spoken out to raise awareness of the issue. I’m glad to be doing my bit to help. It can be such a bleak, lonely time, when you need understanding and support more than ever.”
The tote is a perfect gift for new mums, as well as a practical way to show you care.

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