Eco-Conscious Jewellery from Alex and Ani

Jewellery pieces by Alex and Ani. Image supplied.


Alex and Ani recently launched in New Zealand and although it’s not yet a well known jewellery brand here that will likely change quickly as it is incredibly popular in the USA where it was founded in 2003. Currently Alex and Ani has over 1 million Facebook followers which gives you an idea of just how many people love their beautiful jewellery that is ethically made. The brand was founded by Carolyn Raefelian who named it after her two daughters Alex and Ani, and the family have the jewellery business in their heritage with the Rhode Island factory where each piece is made in its third generation of ownership by Carolyn’s family.

The jewellery is made from fully recycled materials with brass from door nobs, cutlery, framework, picture frames and other pieces smeltered and crafted into clever jewellery pieces with a conscience. Gemstones and Swarovski crystals are added for special touches and each piece of jewellery is infused with positive energy via a special ceremony to give it uplifting and inspiring qualities to the wearer.

In New Zealand the prices start at $65 and to date Alex and Ani have raised $36 million dollars (USD) for charity from the sale of their jewellery. They’ve worked with several American charities and since arriving in New Zealand have begun a partnership with UNICEF NZ in collaboration with the SPCA and more details about it will be announced soon. You can find Alex and Ani’s unique jewellery online or at their local stockists.


Images supplied.

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