Easy to achieve hairstyles for Zoom meetings

Zoom meeting hair tutorials

In need of some easy tutorials to get a polished look with minimal effort? Image via Adobe Stock.

Just because you’re not currently in the office doesn’t mean your day isn’t still filled with meetings, so putting on a professional front is still important, even if your bottom half is in track pants! Zoom meetings are the new normal now so we have put together a list of YouTube hair tutorials for easy-to-achieve at home looks for different types of hair so you can look put together during work hours.  

Thin hair
Being Mrs Dudley shows us that you can still have fun with your hair even if it is very thin!

Thick hair
Makeup Wearables shows us some easy to achieve one-minute hairstyles for thick hair.

Curly hair
Maria Trott perfects some beautiful hairstyles for really curly hair.

Short hair
Short hair? No problem! Claudia Sulewski shows us what to do with shorter length hair.

Busy Mums
For all those busy mums out there, Elle Leary shows you how to do your hair in no time while the baby naps.

Greasy hair
I’m sure we can all relate to this one. Sazan Hendrix shows us what to do with greasy, unwashed hair.

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