Dry oil vs wet oil – What is the difference?

Wet oil vs Dry oil

We explore the difference between wet oil and dry oil. Image by Adobe Stock.

It may seem like a strange concept that something that is liquid can also be dry, an oxymoron concocted by the skincare gods, perhaps? While we know that oil is a liquid, therefore it is wet, but what does it actually mean to be a dry oil? Although the term may seem relatively new to some, dry oils have actually been around for many years with Aromatherapists and Herbalists having used dry oils for skincare and haircare. But what actually is a dry oil and what is the difference between it and its’ “wet” counterpart?

Wet oil vs Dry oil?
Wet oils are a heavier type of oil and are absorbed into your skin at a slower rate. Often when applying an oil to your face you can feel the oil sitting on your skin for some time, before it absorbs. Wet oils are great for moisturising very dry skin as the oils prevent water loss through the epidermis. Wet oils are commonly used as a base for commercial body oils and water-based skincare products.

Dry oils are not actually dry, they just leave a dry feeling on your skin as they absorb much quicker than a wet oil. Dry oil is lighter, therefore it is absorbed into your skin almost instantly, making it the perfect option for those with oily or acne-prone skin. Dry oil doesn’t leave that sticky residue feeling on your skin after application and also has softening effects on your skin, which is why they are commonly used in creams and body lotions. Dry oils are perfect for locking in moisture without giving you that oily afterglow most oils are known for.

The most commonly used dry oils are Rosehip seed oil, Evening primrose oil, Avocado oil and Grapeseed oil, just to name a few. These oils are known as carrier oils, which is why they are great to incorporate into your skincare routine. Dry oils can be used on your skin, directly after a shower to lock in moisture, for your hair to help tame frizz, without weighing it down and dry oils can also be good for nails and cuticles as a substitute for a cuticle cream.

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Wet oil vs Dry oil

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Wet oil vs Dry oil

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Wet oil vs Dry oil

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