Dry body brushing


Ok, so many of us will never even get close to having legs that look like these models do and not many of us can hit the spa every day to have our wobbly bits obliterated – but with a little dedication to dry body brushing once a day, smooth, dimple free thighs and butts could be closer than you think.

Although it won’t rid your body of cellulite completely, regular dry body brushing will see visible results on the appearance of your buttocks, hips and thighs.

Dry body brushing breaks up fatty deposits, aids in lymphatic drainage, eliminates toxins and stimulates circulation while giving you an amazing exfoliation – all of which make your skin glow, which is a pretty good reason to set aside a few minutes a day.


You’ll need a soft, long handled brush, made out of natural fibres that is not going to scratch your skin. An idea brush material is Sisal – a soft hemp used to make rope (and brushes obviously).



* Start at you feet and sweep up the legs in long, light brisk movements. All brushing should be towards the heart as this encourages the return of blood to this area and helps your lymphatic flow.

* Pay particular attention to cellulite-prone areas like thighs, buttocks and stomach. Brush your stomach with a circular clock-wise motion.

* Brush your arms with an upward motion, moving towards the heart.

* Don’t be too rough. Over brushing will irritate the skin.

* Dry body brushing is best done first thing in the morning, when the increased blood flow will help wake you up.

* Jump in the shower straight after to help move those toxins you stirred up out of your system.


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