Dress for Success launches Random Act of Likeness

The global charity Dress for Success launches its Random Act of Likeness Campaign in July.


The campaign aims to spread messages of positivity and raise funds for the important work the charity does.


Paying someone a simple compliment can have a profound and positive impact on how a person feels.


From Sunday 26th July to Saturday 01 August, Random Acts of Likeness will make available on its Facebook page a ‘Like Card’ for users to share, either on their own News Feed or on their friends’ Walls – so people can spread the feel?good factor for all to experience and enjoy:  




For every LIKE corporate partners will donate dollar for like to Dress for Success. So the more likes the page gets the more donations Dress for Success will receive.



The campaign is also encouraging people to commit real world random acts as well as sharing virtual compliment throughout the week. Whether it’s buying an extra cup of coffee for a colleague or saying hi to the person who works in accounts.


Around the country local Dress for Success affiliates will be running fundraising activities which will encourage local donations and a positive vibe!


“We’re aiming to reach out to as many people as possible, so that we can communicate the real value of providing positive encouragement and giving a hand up versus a handout. We’re reminded every day by our clients that a simple compliment can work wonders for self?esteem,” says Sue Lewis? O’Halloran, ANZ Regional Director of Dress for Success Worldwide.


Dress for Success provides a wraparound, multi?programmed service. They help women in need enter/return to the workforce and support them in their job search. Once employed, Dress for Success equips them with job retention and leadership skills.


“One of the greatest gifts we give these women is the gift of confidence – the first step in transforming their lives and becoming strong role models for their families and their communities,” says Lewis? O’Halloran.


Every day during the Random Acts of Likeness campaign, a ‘Like Card’ will be made available to share on Facebook, providing upbeat, positive messages that are closely aligned with what Dress for Success is about and their vision of ‘Every Woman Succeeding’. 


Alongside this people will be able to purchase merchandise, including ‘Like Cards’, and stickers which they can give out to friends, family and colleagues; each card will have its own positive message.


Funds raised from the campaign will enable Dress for Success to operate and achieve its overarching objectives, one of which is to help over 2000 women in New Zealand return or enter the workforce within the next 12 months!


“We are on a mission to help get people back to the work place”, says Lewis?O’Halloran. “Every dollar makes a huge difference as we seek to help more women transform their lives!”

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