Dove launches a new 0% deodorant range

Dove 0%

The new Dove 0% range. Images supplied.

As people are becoming more conscious of what they are not only putting into their bodies but also onto their bodies, the demand for beauty products that don’t contain harmful chemicals and ingredients has risen. The desire for reliable deodorants will never change, but consumers are becoming more aware of the problems deodorant products containing aluminium can cause, therefore, Dove has responded by launching a new 0% range, that provides 24 hours of freshness, without the nasties.

Underarms will be kept perfectly fragranced all day with signature scents, Peach & Lemon Verbena and Cucumber & Green Tea. An option for men is also available, Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort. All come in both roll-on and aerosol.

For those deciding between deodorant and antiperspirant, the addition of Dove 0% Aluminium means Dove now offers both. It’s about the type of protection you feel you need. If you want to stay feeling dry and odour-free, then choose an antiperspirant. Dove antiperspirants are formulated with aluminium salts, to help to control sweat so that you feel dry throughout the day. Or, on days that you only need to feel fresh and be protected from odour, Dove 0% Aluminium deodorants answer the call.

The new Dove 0% Aluminum roll-on and aerosol range is now available at Pak’n’Save and New World stores nationwide.

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