Double-denim reinvented by young fashion talent

Holly McGrath  (second from left) with models wearing her 2013 collection


Talented young fashionista Holly McGrath first stumbled across head-to-toe double-denim in an uncharacteristic early 2000s photo of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

Graduating recently with a Diploma from Auckland fashion institute, NZ Fashion Tech, the former Howick College student cleverly reworked the double-denim theme into a toned-down, contemporary, wearable collection at her graduation catwalk show.


The relaxed, casual, girl-next-door garments drew praise from industry guests at NZ Fashion Tech’s annual graduate show which was attended by fashion luminaries like Liz Mitchell and Doris du Pont.

Holly’s interest in fashion began in the dress-ups box at home in Howick in the ‘90s.

“My friends would came over and we'd dress up and do fashion shows. I’ve always had a huge interest in clothes and the way they can transform a person,” Holly says.

“I definitely want to get involved in the business side of the fashion industry, preferably working for a big retail house and selecting or designing the ranges they sell in stores and producing the marketing campaigns. I love the blend of creativity and business.”

“NZ Fashion Tech has given me a lot of technical skills to help when I am out there in the work place. My tutor Rochelle has had design and buying experience in the fashion industry herself so gaining knowledge on those topics from her was great. She's taught me a lot.”

“From my work-experience placements, I've seen how hard it is to start up and establish a successful fashion label so I appreciate and admire anyone who has done that. I especially admire those who have done it with a point of difference,” says Holly.


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