Divisive Trends: Love Them Or Hate Them?

Occasionally, a fashion trend comes around that really gets you thinking. Do I REALLY like that look, or do I just like that look on that particular girl? But more often than not, these trends often have the effect of instant disgust or infatuation. For whatever reason, you may despise a trend, and then see a fashion blogger royalty wearing the same horrifying combo or read an article in a respectable fashion magazine that touts it as a hot new trend you just HAVE to try. Style is subjective however, and one girls fashion love is often another girls fashion hate.

Fashion is highly changeable, so chances are you won’t have to fume over a woebegone trend for long.

Stockings and mini shorts

Originally seen on Asian women and teens, this trend has moved to the world of elite fashion bloggers and saw the fashion forward taking a cue from Rumi Neely.
It’s a smart idea really, as it makes use of your wardrobe all year round.


Photo credit: fashiontoast.com


• Try the look with some stacked heels.
• Velvet, lace and leather short shorts look the most stylish, but denim can work too. Just ask Rumi.
• Stick to a high denier stocking and mix it up a little with a magenta or mustard coloured leg.


For fear of looking silly, this is a trend I haven’t tried, and with good reason: I don’t have the skill or the patience to learn. But having observed it many times, online and in person, the idea is not wholly unappealing.



Photo credit: keikolynn.com


• Decide on the look you want, there are many variations.
• Search for a tutorial online. Keikolynn.com and Refinery29.com have some.
• Be aware that if you combine this trend with certain dresses or maxi skirts, you may turn in to Cinderella.

Stacking jewellery

This is a trend that I’m actually not too fond of. Loading up both arms with bangles, ears with cuffs and earrings, layering on necklaces until there are none left in the jewellery box and loading up fingers with a chunky bling-ring on each… it’s just not an attractive look in my books. At least not all at the same time and, I think, it is seen a little too often. Statement pieces are fabulous, but they cease to be a noticeable and admirable statement when wearing every statement piece at once. They simply blur in to a gaudy, clinky mess.



Photo credit: yourvintagewedding.com


• A wise woman once said, “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewellery.” – Coco Chanel.

Hair pieces

Flower-child of the seventies, this is your chance to embrace a trend. Feathers and sparkles are all fair game and can be worn just about anywhere (if you’re brave enough). Commonly used in photo shoots this trend has caught on big time in the Northern Hemisphere. NZ girls, up your game and start the trend for our summer.



Photo credit: cupcakesandcashmere.com


• Go easy on the feathers, one, maybe two is enough.
• Go easy on the sparkles too, it’s not a tiara, it’s a headpiece.
• Make sure you’re wearing it at an appropriate level. It shouldn’t be too far down your forehead.


– Sarah Smith: The Rational Dresser

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