Diary of a Botox Virgin

I'm 24 years old and recently I had Botox at the Caci Medispa.

I present myself as your guinea pig – so you can watch me do it, before you try it yourself.

Natural looks can be achieved and it should always be stressed to your doctor or nurse that this is what you are aiming for.

Obviously I don't need Botox for age management reasons. At 24, my skin remains relatively unlined and, although I have my vanities, I am not too concerned with, or insecure about the way I look.


I underwent an age -preventative Botox procedure – that is, the use of Botox for preventing lines and wrinkles from becoming deep set. It’s about being proactive rather than reactive. Getting in there before the ageing process starts.

Does it hurt?
There is a small amount of pain, but I have had bikini waxes that hurt more than having Botox did.


It’s most suited for 25 – 35 year olds (after 35 years of age it’s more about Age Management).


Risks are the same as for any Botox treatment. They are very minimal. The most common side effect is a headache that may last a few days and can be relieved with panadol. Yes, you can get a droopy eye in extreme cases, BUT this very rarely happens, and should it occur, it only lasts for a couple of days – contrary to popular belief it is not permanent.


I had my age-preventative Botox at The Caci Medispa. Costs are from $320 per area. Crows Feet, Frown lines and Forehead Line treatments starts from $320.00 per area.


Preventative Botox is necessary around twice a year, about every 6 months in those under 30. From 30 onwards Botox treatments are best received every 3 to 4 months depending on the individual.






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