Deuce Sneakers raise one million dollars with Young Hearts Project

Deuce Sneakers’ Newmarket store. Image supplied.

The Overland Footwear Group have now raised over one million dollars for their Young Hearts Project which aims to empower, mentor, support and inspire Kiwi kids. Founded in 2014, the project receives $5 from every pair of Deuce Sneakers sold with the money raised going to partner charities Great Potentials, Youthline and the Graeme Dingle Foundation.

“Too many of our young people struggle with the challenges of life” says Shane Anselmi, Overland Footwear Group Director. “The statistics here in NZ aren’t good when it comes to many of our young people coping with these challenges, but we felt we had the opportunity to make a difference. Our Deuce sneakers are flying out and we’re proud of the progress we’ve made. Not only are they designed here in NZ and feature an amazing comfortable hi-tech foot-bed, but the fact that every time we sell a pair we can in some way make a difference to someone in need is a big driver for our people.”

“This month marks a milestone. Over the last four years we’ve sold over 200,000 pair of Deuce and passed the $1 million mark. I really want to thank all our customers for their support and generosity… they are making a real difference to many lives.”

Each partner the Young Hearts Project works with ensures that they are reaching those most in need and are supporting programmes that focus on mentoring, emotional support and value-based learning. The financial support provided by Deuce makes a huge difference but the brand also offer hands-on help to their partner charities too.

“Besides the ongoing mentoring, our relationship with Merchant 1948 has given our mentees the chance to broaden their perspective and horizons. They facilitate creative social experiences that help our young people approach the crucial transition into secondary school with increased social and academic skills, self-worth, and resilience,” said Andrew Dawson, MATES Regional Manager at Great Potentials.

“Helping children develop self-belief is the foundation’s contribution to society and is only possible with the help of our supporters like Overland. With their support, both monetary and their belief in our abilities, is where the true magic begins,” said Andrea Webley of the Graeme Dingle Foundation.

“Thank you to all our customers who have been part of this social movement and showing the difference that sneakers can make. We can’t wait to hit the next million,” says Shane Anselmi.

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