Deadly Ponies releases capsule collection celebrating photographer Frank Hurley

Deadly Ponies Frank Hurley capsule collection

Deadly Ponies have launched a capsule collection celebrating photographer, explorer, and filmmaker Frank Hurley. Images supplied.

Perfectly timed with the imminent arrival of chilly winter weather is Deadly Ponies‘ latest capsule collection which celebrates historical photographer, explorer, and filmmaker Frank Hurley’s earliest icy adventures. Known for his incredible photography of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s adventures, Australian Frank Hurley created his striking images back in the early twentieth century and for Deadly Ponies, the imagery lent itself to the collection’s latest hues and textures, while Hurley’s curious, hardy spirit and self-taught skills are an inspiration to founder and creative director Liam Bowden.

“A few years ago I was struck by a collection of amazing photographs of icebergs balanced precariously on top of each other, a window into an untouched world,” says Liam Bowden. “Despite the raw, modern feel of these pictures, they were, in fact, 100 years old, and led to my discovery of Frank Hurley, who trekked Antarctica, documenting with his pup, Blizzard. I put Hurley’s images away in my scrapbook, and when it came to working on Fall Winter ’22, we used him as an inspiration and a mood board to reference, as well as selecting several photographs to use on our pieces.”

Over a century ago, Hurley set off on Shackleton’s ill-fated journey to Antarctica, capturing the imagery that brought Antarctica alive for a generation of people who had never really seen this icy wonderland before. He photographed everything from his sweet pup, Blizzard to an irreverent portrait of an ice-encrusted shipmate, as well as the harsh environment which nearly saw the adventurous party meet their end when Endurance sank in the Weddell Sea in 1915, and the men were forced to fight for survival for months in frigid conditions.

For Deadly Ponies, the remarkable shots Hurley took of penguins in the frozen wilderness inspired the brand’s own foray into fauna. They also created their own interpretation of the Emperor penguin which has been handcrafted and intricately designed as a limited edition crossbody appropriately titled Mr Emperor. There’s also a sweet Emperor Charm available too. Two of Hurley’s black and white photographs are interpreted onto bag styles Bowman and Poucheroo which have a suitably striking effect.

While Deadly Ponies appreciate the magnificence of Antarctica they also want to recognise the devastation global warming it is having on it, and have partnered with the Antarctic Science Foundation to donate 100% of profits from the sale of Mr Emperor and Emperor Charms to Penguin Pursuits, which researches and monitors penguins in the Antarctic, and how they will adapt to climate change. It’s a fitting tribute to a man who gave the world an amazing gift with his incredible imagery of Antarctica.

Deadly Ponies Frank Hurley capsule collection

Images supplied.

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