Deadly Ponies release Resort range Fontana

Deadly Ponies Resort Collection

Pieces from the new Deadly Ponies Resort 2017 collection. Image supplied.

Deadly Ponies have just released a beautiful new collection for Resort 2017 which is called Fontana and explores the ancient tradition of penmanship and the art of ‘Flourish Calligraphy’. The brand has always been grounded in craftsmanship which is at the heart of Deadly Ponies and Fontana is their tribute to master craftspeople everywhere.

“Calligraphy is a fine, learned skill, which has been lost in our relentless, digital age” says Creative Director, Liam Bowden. “It is to be admired for its perfection and artistry. We’ve always taken pride in mastering the craft of ‘making’ with our collections, and it’s important we continue to celebrate other crafts and craftspeople who are experts.”

The stunning ‘Wilde Horses’ is the feature design of Fontana and it has been carefully screen-printed onto canvas in three new summer colours: natural, calypso blue and rose. The detailed print features on the Mr Wilde Shopper, Mr Florin Wilde, Wilde Clutch and the Wilde Scarf with a stunning effect adding to the coveted nature of each piece. The new collection also introduces several new shapes with Mr Florin, Mr Finch, Mr Mini Pack Back and the Mr Siamese Grande joining the Deadly Ponies family this season.

Further excitement comes in the form of the new metallic leathers utilised in the Fontana collection with sleek, metallic black and marbled metallic rose featuring on perfect evening pieces. The brand also upped the stakes with the return of one of the most desirable bags in the Deadly Ponies archive: Mr Mini Fill N Zip Twist. This time the bag is in luxurious New Zealand pearled Ostrich leather and will no doubt sell out quickly.

As always, Deadly Ponies products are handmade in limited runs so don’t delay if you want your own charming piece of Fontana which is available in stores and online now.

Deadly Ponies Resort Collection

Deadly Ponies Resort Collection

Images supplied.

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