Deadly Ponies launch Silks at Auckland Art Fair

Deadly Ponies Silks 18

Deadly Ponies new scarf collection Silks. Image supplied.

Deadly Ponies launched their first full scarf collection yesterday at Auckland Art Fair. Titled Silks, the beautiful new collection features stunning prints drawn from Deadly Ponies’ archive alongside beautiful new designs. It celebrates creative director Liam Bowden’s passion for art and the artists and iconic images that have featured in the brand’s collections over the years. Scarves started as an addition to Deadly Ponies’ ranges but their popularity means they now gain proper product category status and as always will be snapped up quickly.

The gorgeous Silks collection is available in offered in silk twill, silk crepe and an ultra-light silk chiffon. There are several sizes on offer with full size scarves at 130x130cm, and a silk bag-handle wrap nicknamed the Bridle at 125x5cm, as well as the original Deadly Ponies offering of 90x90cm. Favourite designs such as the Gaga for Gala, Smokey and the Gambit, Resort 2017’s Wilde Print and autumn 2018’s Depths Of Desire print are all incorporated into this range in winsome new hues. Deadly Ponies created a new print for this collection titled Mare of Diomedes.

“The scarf has a rich history as a symbol of power and elegance” says Liam Bowden. “Historically they denoted status but also had a practical use. Over time, the scarf has become a fashion statement, whether to decorate or simply keep you warm. Personally, I love the scarf most as a canvas to work on.”

Deadly Ponies’ involvement with Auckland Art Fair means they are supporting the emerging artists’ mezzanine floor, titled Piki Mai: Up Here^^. Piki Mai: Up Here^^ at the event. The floor will be showing works from some of Australasia’s brightest new artistic talents. Deadly Ponies will have their own installation as part of the space which is a collaboration with talented spatial designer Katie Lockhart. Bowden has also employed the whimsical talents of Deb Smith’s Cloud Workshop students to create special artworks which will become an integral component of the scarf installation.

“Deb Smith and Katie Lockhart have long been a part of our visual fabric, with Deb photographing so many of our campaigns with her brother Mark, and Katie designing our retail stores,” adds Liam Bowden. “Partnering with visually creative and risk-taking people is what I love to do. What we have created for the Auckland Art Fair is an expression of creativity and a nod to our love of visual art.”

Deadly Ponies have also undertaken a commission project with promising Auckland artist and Elam graduate, Hannah Valentine that is on display at Auckland Art Fair. The work will show as part of the Fair’s 2018 ‘Projects’ curated by Francis McWhannell and Gabriela Salgado.

“The opportunity to be involved with Deadly Ponies and Piki Mai at the Auckland Art Fair is an exciting prospect, especially at this stage in my career,” says Hannah Valentine. “I’m interested in the rhythms and flows of bodies, and the way desire can direct and shape our very physicality. I have a particular affinity to working in spaces usually designated for movement, such as entrances or passageways, so the Auckland Art Fair proposes a unique opportunity to engage with hundreds of people who will be moving through the space each day.”

Auckland Art Fair is on until May 27th at The Cloud in Auckland. Deadly Ponies’ Silks is available online now.

Deadly Ponies Silks 18

Deadly Ponies Silks 18

Deadly Ponies Silks 18

Deadly Ponies Silks 18

Images supplied.

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