Deadly Ponies Fiery New Collection

Luxury accessories from Deadly Ponies new Rust collection.
Deadly Ponies have gone mystical for their latest range which is inspired by astrology and the romanticism of ancient mythologies. With every collection they champion a hero colour which for this collection is also the title, Rust. The fiery red hue is a perfect tone to brighten up the bleakness of winter and is inspired by Sagittarius, which is the brand's zodiac sign and it's element, fire. 
The luxury accessories label has taken its staple pieces, Mr Fill N Zip Twist, Mr Mini Chain Mail, and Mr Siamese, and beautifully embellished them with hand-appliqued semi-precious gems to represent the constellations. The effect is dramatic and eye-catching with a dash of whimsy and makes these new handbags oh so covetable. 
Mr Bowen Sling with Knots and Mr Arbor Knot are new styles which feature chunky knotted leather fringing that conveys strength and energy. “I love the contrast this season," says Creative Director Liam Bowden. "The gems imbue a delicacy and fantastical element to the collection, which is balanced by the robust charm of the leather knots.” No doubt these marvelous new accessories will be on many Deadly Ponies fans wish lists for winter.

Images supplied.
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