Deadly Ponies collaborate with My Little Pony

Deadly Ponies My Little Pony collaboration

Deadly Ponies new collaboration with My Little Pony. Image supplied.

Deadly Ponies have just announced an incredibly exciting and significant collaboration with global toy maker Hasbro on a My Little Pony inspired collection. The unique new collection will launch on August 3rd for Spring 2017 and will no doubt be on the must-have list for every Deadly Ponies fan.

My Little Pony has been an iconic brand since the early 1980s with generations of children growing up with the rainbow-filled world of its colourful ponies. It’s quite a different thing to pair a beloved toy brand with a modern, edgy handbag label, however in creative director Liam Bowden’s hands the collaboration has that childhood joy while conveying the luxurious, contemporary feel that Deadly Ponies is known for. He describes the My Little Pony collaboration as “a charming reminder of simpler times and values, celebrating diversity, creativity and most importantly, friendship”.

The new pieces bring the dreamy world of Equestria, where the My Little Ponies live, to life in vivid colour. The rainbow-toned collection demonstrates Deadly Ponies’ impeccable artisanal style and each design is limited in number which will mean these bags and charms won’t last long on the shop floor. The rainbow of colours is drawn from Deadly Ponies archive which is a charming nod to the history of the cult leathergoods brand. The whole project was two years in the making and is one of the most unique collaborations by a New Zealand brand to date.

Alongside the gorgeous new bags in modern Deadly Ponies styles are the sweet Pony Puff charms that are made from luxurious natural furs and create perfectly playful bag accessories. These Pony Puffs represent key characters from the series; Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Twilight Sparkle. Each one was chosen by Bowden for the values they embody; creativity, a sense of adventure, and a love of nature. This range also introduces Deadly Ponies’ very own Pony, called ‘Shadow’ and is the first pony to be created by a brand other than Hasbro which makes it even more special.

The rest of Deadly Ponies Spring collection complements the My Little Pony designs, with new hues of brick and seas shadow featuring on popular bag styles and charms. The result is a fresh range that has buckets of charm and is sure to delight young and old. The collection is limited edition and is sure to go very quickly so if you want your own piece of the Deadly Ponies’ My Little Pony rainbow you had better be quick come August 3rd.

Deadly Ponies My Little Pony collaboration

Deadly Ponies My Little Pony collaboration

Deadly Ponies My Little Pony collaboration

Images supplied.

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