Dazzling Surprise

But thanks to a surprise early birthday present from her parents, Howick teenager Zoe Noles has been able to do just that.


The 18-year-old is the proud owner of an outfit by newcomer designer Juvena Worsfold that was part of the Kleenex Cottonelle Couture Collection at NZ Fashion Week.


The design featured in a Trade Me auction that gave the highest bidder the chance to have a dress custom-made in the fabric of their choice.


“I was so excited because I got to work with Juvena and her design was amazing,” says Zoe, who is an art and design student at Whitecliffe College, Parnell. “It was really fun getting it made to measure just for me and all my friends were excited as well.”


She chose soft black leather for the fabric and was presented with her dress during the Kleenex runway show at NZ Fashion Week. “I’m just stoked with the result,” says the former Howick College student.


“The whole process was really cool – designing it, sitting at the show and finally getting to wear it at home.”


Zoe, who plans to major in fashion design, says the experience has shown her that success can come at a young age.


“It’s shown me what’s possible,” she told the Times. “Juvena is only a year older than me, so it’s given me a bit of inspiration and motivation.”



Courtesy of Timesonline




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