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New York-based Kiwi writer Gala Darling, has launched a fun and colourful jewellery collection full of positive vibes.

Produced in collaboration with New Zealand Mint Jewellery, the optimistic ‘Moxie’ collection has been designed with her theory of Radical Self-Love in mind.

And befitting the designer’s name, there is a selection of enchanting words – Darling, Lover, Imagine, Magical, Babe, Dreamer – inscribed in each piece.

The philosophy is more than an idea, it’s a way of life. Send a love letter to the universe by adorning yourself with a flourish in your daily dress up.

“Jewellery is everyday magic.  We tell stories with our hands, our wrists, our necks; the things we choose to decorate ourselves with,” says Gala.

Moxie, Gala Darling's first collection for New Zealand Mint, is about how to harness the power of language to help us construct reality.

With a combination of sterling silver and coloured leather, Moxie can be customised to fit with virtually any lifestyle; mix-and-match it with everything from Cartier to costume jewels. 

“Search for the magic in every day. Once you’ve trained your eye, you can’t help but delight in seeing the small and extraordinary things that surround you,” says Gala.

The Moxie collection features: Heartbump Pendant, Sweet Nothings Studs, Whisper Earrings, Sassy Stacker Rings, Be My Darling Cuff, Spirit and Courage Cuff.

The range is available from NZ Mint Jewellery and selected stockists. 




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