Cybele Collaborates with Renowned Jeweller, James McCarty


Inspired by the story of the Idol’s Eye diamond – a jewel of incomparable beauty and with a fantastic and unusual story of intrigue and folly – from which Cybèle’s new collection is based, McCarty has created a series of faceted rings, a pendant and earrings, in solid sterling silver opulently set with multicoloured precious gems.


“When Cybèle approached me to collaborate for this season and presented me with the sample fabric and info on ‘Idol’s Eye‘ I was in design heaven”, says McCarty, “The history of the gem is  fascinating and close to home for me, as my father, a jeweller also,  tells stories of having a ‘steak and beer’ with diamond legend Harry Winston when he was visiting New York.” 


As the story goes, the Idol’s Eye gem was discovered in 1906 amongst the fortune of a Turkish Sultan as the eye of a sacred statue in the Temple of Benghazi. Legend has that it was given as a ransom for a beloved Princess he had abducted.


Forty years later it made its way into the hands of famed American jeweller Harry Winston, and was then sold to Mrs May Bonfils Stanton, a widow who lived alone in her palatial mansion, who wore it mounted as the central stone in a necklace surrounded by eighty-six other diamonds, to her solitary breakfast every morning.


Available exclusively from Cybèle’s Boutique and online store from September 29th, these limited edition pieces are as McCarty puts it: “timelessly futuristic – dynamic, geometric, prismatic perfection”.


Cybele Boutique

62 Ponsonby Rd


ph: 09 376 5009



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