Cosy essentials for curves

Life is looking a little bit different for us all at the moment. And as the chilly weather sets in, we want to make sure we’re warm and comfortable as we self isolate. Here are a few essentials available online to help keep you cosy at home.

Cosy at home

Atmos&Here Curvy Not Today Tee, AUD $34.48 from The Iconic (size 18-26) and Mika Muse Winnie High Waisted Wide Leg Jeans, AUD $103.48 from The Iconic (size 16-24) (left), Sara Merino Swing Knit, $99.99 from EziBuy (size 1X-4X/14-28) and Sara Cotton Joggers, $69.99 from EziBuy (size 14-26) (centre), Wild Child Supersoft Striped Swing Top, $69.99 from Farmers (size L-4XL/16-24) and Wild Child Supersoft Cuffless Jogger, $59.99 from Farmers (size L-4XL/16-24) (right).

Whether you’re working from home or just looking to be comfy while you’re self-isolating, casual looks are where it’s at. Make sure you’re warm and cosy as we head in to that cooler autumn weather.

Cosy at home

Marble Active Tee, $94.95 from Taking Shape (size XXS-XL/12-24) and Dimension Active Pant, $94.95 from Taking Shape (size XXS-XL/12-24) (left), Bodycode Curve Boxy Tee, $39.99 from Farmers (size L-5XL/16-26) and Bodycode Curve Full Length Active Leggings, $79.99 from Farmers (size L-4XL/16-24) (centre), Cotton On Curve Active Rib Long Sleeve Top, $24.99 from Cotton On (size 16-24) and Cotton On Curve Fleece Lined Tights, $34.99 from Cotton On (size 16-24) (right).

For some of us, being able to get out and go for a walk is a much anticipated part of the day at the moment. For others, we know that activewear is the ultimate in comfort and perfect for lounging around the house!

Cosy at home

Isobar Plus Longline Quilted Puffer Jacket, $249.99 from EziBuy (size 1X-4X/14-28) (left), Atmos&Here Curvy Short Puffer Jacket, AUD $137.98 from The Iconic (size 18-26) (centre), Time Traveller Puffer Vest, $179.95 from Taking Shape (size XXS-XL/12-24) (right).

Whether you’re heading out for a walk or queueing up outside the supermarket (two of our most anticipated outings at the moment!), there’s no denying that it’s getting chilly! A puffer vest is a great item to layer over either your activewear or casual look, to keep you nice and toasty.

Cosy at home

Dreamer Nightie, $84.95 from Taking Shape (size XXS-XL/12-24) and Organic Leaf PJ Robe, $119.95 from Taking Shape (size XXS-XL/12-24) (left), Wild Child Sleep Spot Coral Fleece Robe, $69.99 from Farmers (size 18-26) (centre), Lounge Bamboo Spot Top, $94.95 from Taking Shape (size XXS-XL/12-24) and Lounge Bamboo Crop Pant, $94.95 from Taking Shape (size XXS-XL/12-24) (right).

PJ day anyone? If you’re looking to swap your night time pyjamas for day time ones, loungewear is the perfect “pyjama-esque” option. Or if in doubt, just add a robe so that you feel extra cosy – don’t forget your slippers!

Cosy at home

Fluffy Jumper, $99.99 from City Chic (size 14-22) (left), Wild Child Supersoft Cowl Neck Hoodie, $69.99 from Farmers (size L-4XL/16-24) (centre), Scoop Me Up Jumper, $89.99 from City Chic (size 14-22) (right).

There’s nothing quite like cuddling up in a jumper on a cold day. We have a few more of those on the horizon, so while we are self isolating it’s all about the snuggly sweater! Wear it with leggings, sweatpants or even dress it up a bit if you’re feeling like a change of pace.

Meagan Kerr also writes at This is Meagan Kerr.

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