Evelyn Ebrey

Editor & Publisher     instagram-small-icon

Evelyn is in charge of the FashioNZ team and oversees all the content on the site. She is a life-long fashion fan and is a qualified fashion journalist having studied at the London College of Fashion and written for various magazines and websites in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Evelyn is also a big fan of ballet, cats and cake, and when not ensuring that our readers are getting the best original content on FashioNZ she can be found with her nose in a novel, down at the beach or watching Clueless for the 500th time. Contact Evelyn here.


Carolyn Ebrey Co-owner FashioNZ
Carolyn Ebrey

Business Director     instagram-small-icon

Carolyn oversees the business side of FashioNZ and also uses her graphic design, web design and photography skills to make FashioNZ look fresh and reflect our new, clean aesthetic. She has long been fascinated by all things visual and after studying photography and graphic design Carolyn spent most of her OE in France developing a taste for the European way of life. Back home you’ll find her reading 5 books at a time or perfecting a new inversion at her favourite yoga class. Contact Carolyn here.


Nina Franklin Beauty Editor
Nina Franklin

Beauty Editor     instagram-small-icon

Nina joined the FashioNZ team to deliver all of the latest and greatest in the beauty world, because fashion and beauty go hand in hand, of course. Nina is also a freelance writer, with her articles and creative opinion pieces being featured in other prominent NZ publications. When she’s not at her desk with one hand on her keyboard and the other with a coffee, you’ll find her rummaging through the racks of the best thrift stores, drooling over the latest international and homegrown runway looks, hunting high and low for the perfect shade of red lipstick and perfecting her skincare routine, drinking red wine, trying to eat healthy and playing superheroes with her four-year-old son — Because it’s all about that balance. Contact Nina here.


James Yang

Photographer     instagram-small-icon

James is a contributing photographer, shooting editorial, runway and event content for FashioNZ. Inspired by youthful exuberance, generational identity and subculture, James enjoys taking a natural approach to fashion and portrait imagery. His greatest loves in life include: Netflix, 90s Seattle grunge, gratuitously spicy noodles and building Batman Lego with his daughter.


Vlad Tichen profile image
Vlad Tichen

Contributing Style and Fashion Writer instagram-small-icon

Personal stylist, Instagram influencer and sartorial enthusiast, Vlad has so much to say about fashion and style. Perhaps too much. For better or worse, he shares his wisdom and sense of beauty here. Brace yourselves.


Ava Wardecki-Locke
Ava Wardecki-Locke

Contributing Fashion Writer     instagram-small-icon facebook-small-icon

Paris born and Auckland raised Ava has been a fashion fan for as long as she can remember and has a special interest in international fashion and the business behind the world of fashion. She has a background in PR and Marketing, with a double degree from Auckland’s AUT and has also spent time studying fashion management and luxury brand strategy at HEC Paris. True to her Parisienne roots, she loves stripes, red lipstick and is an avid monochromatic dresser. She’s also a savvy solo-traveller, who loves breaking out her winter coats to explore the snowy cities and art galleries of the world.


Meagan Kerr

Contributing Fashion Writer     instagram-small-icon  facebook-small-icon  twitter-small-icon

Meagan is our resident plus size style contributor. She is a professional blogger with a Design and Visual Arts degree and a background in fashion photography. Meagan firmly believes that you can be stylish regardless of your size, and when she’s not writing about style and self love you can find her singing at the top of her lungs, swimming in the ocean, exploring the world, and cuddling as many dogs as possible.


Linda Harris
Linda Harris

Contributing Fashion Writer instagram-small-icon

Contributing writer Linda has a Bachelor in Fashion from Auckland’s AUT and has worked in a fashion workroom for many years. She loves the colour blush pink, pretty dresses, manicures, lace and chiffon, messy hair, dainty jewellery, cosy knitwear, peonies, having cupcakes for breakfast and other such things.


Charlotte Lightbody

Contributing Beauty & Vintage Writer     instagram-small-icon  facebook-small-icon  twitter-small-icon

Charlotte is a modern pinup lifestyle blogger and baker. She loves making sweet treats in the kitchen, and is a self-confessed dessert fiend. Charlotte writes about beauty and vintage for FashioNZ and likes to review Auckland’s high tea offerings on her blog too. She is passionate about the retro lifestyle with a particular interest in everything from the 1940s & 50s. You might recognise her from the reality TV show ‘Come Dine with Me New Zealand’ where she took out the winning title for her Southern style cooking.


Danielle Gardner
Danielle Gardner

Contributing Fashion Writer      instagram-small-iconfacebook-small-icon

As an Auckland-based fashion designer, writer and photographer, Danielle likes to have her fingers in all the pies. Her interests lie in fashion history, vintage style (particularly of the mid-century variety), and developments in the ethical and sustainable industries. She graduated with a Bachelor of Art & Design in Fashion in 2006 and has been running her retro-flavoured fashion label, Devel Men & Women, ever since. Danielle’s extra-curricular deep-felt loves are for ice-cream, rollerskating, and all things cute and colourful.



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