Optimum Knitwear

Optimum Knitwear Summer 2018

Optimum knitwear is a New Zealand owned company, established in 1990. Optimum is the home to Royal Merino, a range of classic extra fine merino garments designed for the international traveler.

While classically inspired, Optimum garments reflect current fashion thinking and appeal to women who like to maintain their edge. As well as luxury and seasonal feature pieces, the extensive Optimum range includes versatile wardrobe basics.

Optimum Knitwear Summer 2018

Designed initially for the international traveler looking for a high quality, practical New Zealand souvenir, Royal Merino is fast becoming an iconic Kiwi brand. Simple styling extra fine merino yarn in a flattering colour are the hallmarks of a Royal Merino garment.

Optimum Knitwear Summer 2018 Lookbook

Optimum Knitwear Winter 2018 Lookbook

14 Westech Place, Kelston, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 813 0020
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