ISAAC + LULU Summer 2019

New Zealand label ISAAC + LULU is best known for creating chic, go-to pieces for the wardrobes of stylish millennials. Think lady luxe meets urban tomboy.

Made for a modern audience, ISAAC + LULU is a multi-faceted range. The versatile label offers everything from trendy cotton Tees to luxurious tailored pieces.

Dreamy fabrics allow for designs to be both New Zealand made and unique. Although a New Zealand brand, fabrics are sourced from all around the world: Nepalese cashmere, Italian suiting, Japanese cotton and French guipure lace.

ISAAC + LULU Summer 2019

While every collection forms a concept, the pieces are designed to be worn both together and separately, allowing you to mix and match with an old favourite or pair items together. By appearing functional with, of course, a touch of drama, ISAAC + LULU creates a modern framework for individuality. ISAAC + LULU challenges the conventional and expected, because there isn’t just one way to put an outfit together and really… that’s the magic. Checks with florals, colour blocking, tailored with trainers, preppy leatherette, merino track pants with pointed heels, messy hair with perfect nails.

ISAAC + LULU is a fan of staying at the forefront of trends, mixing up modern looks by allowing sophistication to meet a hint of rebellion.

ISAAC + LULU Summer 2019 Lookbook

ISAAC + LULU Winter 2019 Lookbook

26 Clarence Street, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 445 3356
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