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Say ‘Eye’ Love You this Valentine’s with Ultraceuticals. Restaurants are set to transform into a sea of red love hearts and set menus aimed at hopeless romantics ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day. With people wanting to look their best for date night, Ultraceuticals Global Education Director, Elizabeth Fardon offers her ultimate skin tips to prepare:

The most important thing to keep in mind is to avoid being too adventurous with your beauty routine outside of what you normally do too close to Valentine’s. Last minute beauty disasters aren’t conducive for a night filled with romance and will only make you self-conscious.

Plan ahead
– If you’re planning on investing in a performance treatment such as a Vitamin A or AHA peel to give you that luminous complexion, it’s best to do this at least two weeks prior to the special night. This will give your skin time to regenerate and shed any rough texture and promote luminosity in lead up to your date.

All in the eyes
– One of the most important areas of the face for the ultimate romantic dinner date is obviously the eyes and the skin around the orbital area. You spend the whole night gazing into them, so you really want to ensure this area is healthy, fatigue-free and plump.

Rescue Remedies
– Apply a pick-me-up mask such as the Ultra Energising Mask that can give you a boost of hydration
– Incorporate pressure points and drainage moves when applying an eye mask. Using thumb and first finger gently squeeze and slide from inner eyebrow to outer edge. Then using all fingers flat under eyes, roll and pump gently form inner corner to outer corner.
– With eyelids closed (avoid this one if wearing contacts) gently use 2 fingers to massage on lid – 3 circles clockwise and 3 circles anti clockwise – an Ayurvedic remedy to enliven eyes
– Place a cool damp cloth as a cool compress over the Energising Mask, lie down and take a few minutes to breathe deeply into the belly as you let any stress go. It will also work wonders for your eyes and relieve any tension that may be there

Date night don’ts
– Over exfoliation of the general face area as this can cause skin irritation, slight redness etc. opt to do this the night before or morning of and use a gentle non-abrasive product
– Using any new eye products or makeup/lash extensions you have road tested previously
– Remember always apply eye creams first in your home care especially if using active Vitamin A or Vitamin C eye creams.  Then apply your matching serum without overlapping the eye cream. It’s a common mistake and can lead to irritation or dryness

General eye tips
– Always use gentle, supportive pressure and touch around the eye area
– Use products specifically designed to support this delicate area
– Always remember to remove your eye makeup each night
– Check use by dates on mascara
– Wear sunglasses that cover the whole eye area during the day
– Take regular “eye breaks ” from computer screens
– Incorporate pressure points and drainage moves when applying eye cream

Extra eye health tips
– Wear sunglasses in the car even on a cloudy day – UVA rays penetrate glass so even in the car you are susceptible. There is some evidence to suggest that UV absorption through the eyes can trigger more activation in the melanocyte cell that makes pigment.
– Keep eyes moist with gentle lubricating eye drops if in lots of air conditioning or on a long haul flight.

We have 1 x Ultraceuticals Eye Care Set containing 1 x Ultra Soothing Eye Makeup Remover and 1 x Ultra Moisturising Eye Cream(RRP $114.00) to give away!

Entries close midday 2nd March 2020.

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