Win! Biologi Bqk Serum Duo and tickets to Confessions of a Cosmetic Chemist event

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Biologi is the first skincare company to harness 100% active cellular extracts and bottle them to create powerhouse single-plant ingredient serums. Their products are entirely traceable and sustainable, and contain no harmful chemicals, no additives, perfumes, not even water. Biologi controls their entire plant to bottle process in Australia’s Byron Bay. These native extracts are revolutionary, not only because they significantly outperform synthetic alternatives, but for their purity and ethical production.

The newest addition in Biologi’s revolutionary single-plant ingredient skincare range, the Bqk Radiance serum duo already coveting awards in the competitive beauty industry. Designed specifically to target stubborn pigmentation, Bqk is an active morning and evening regime that improves skin colour and clarity while preventing against further pigmentation.

Renowned cosmetic chemist Ross Macdougald works alongside his wife and Biologi’s Managing Director Lucy Macdougald, continuing to explore the development of ground-breaking technology and game changing ingredients. Calling for industry-wide transparency about product ingredients and existing extraction techniques, Ross and Lucy are committed to helping people make informed choices about what they are putting on their skin. They’re dedicated to providing insights that will enable consumers to cut through the marketing hype so they then can make informed decisions based on the true facts.

This insightful knowledge and expertise are now available to the world via Biologi’s Confessions of a Cosmetic Chemist events. Coming up in Auckland on the 19th March, Confessions of a Cosmetic Chemist lets you in on the industry secrets and will help you to cut through the marketing hype to make decisions based on true facts. Opening your mind to the truth behind the $523B global beauty market, Confessions of a Cosmetic Chemist talks common industry practices, misleading tactics, how ingredients are affecting skin and how they are really made.

We have 2 x tickets to Biologi’s Confessions of a Cosmetic Chemist event in Auckland 19th March and 2 x full sized Biologi Bqk Serum Duo valued at (RRP $534) to give away!

Entries close midday 13th March 2020.

Competition entry terms and conditions can be found here.

Biologi Comp

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