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Adashiko Collagen works from the inside out to promote wellness and healthy aging. Replenishing collagen stores with a premium pure collagen supplement is a completely safe, natural, affordable and highly effective way of achieving full-body wellness and strength, beautiful glowing skin, stronger nails and hair, and increased joint mobility.

Adashiko products are manufactured to the highest possible quality and contain 100% natural peptide collagen. Known as Super Collagen, Japanese produced peptide collagen is the finest in the world. With an advanced low molecular weight of 3000 Daltons, Adashiko is the best-absorbed version of collagen on the market, making it highly dissolvable with no taste or odour.

Peptide Collagen is hydrolysed to reduce its molecular weight to 1/60th of the size of the original molecule. Due to the size of peptide collagen, it can be properly absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to cells in the body, where it sends a signal that stimulates fibroblast and cartilage cells to promote the formation of new collagen.

The latest research findings in clinical studies presented at the OARSI World Congress show that 5gm (5000mgs) of collagen daily is the optimum dosage for efficacy. Two scoops of all Adashiko powders provide 5gm of collagen. Because of the quality and purity of Adashiko, the powders dissolve easily, and have no flavour or aroma. Adashiko collagen is unique in that it is heat-resistant, and remains stable even in in hot drinks and food.

Most people notice their nails start to get stronger within the first two to four weeks. By weeks six to eight, many people report an improvement in skin firmness and texture, and in joint comfort. Adashiko recommend at least three to six months of Adashiko use to experience the best results. Everyone is unique, and results will vary based on your age and diet. Adashiko is ideal for long-term use.

“For me, Adashiko isn’t just a business, it’s a huge passion of mine. I love hearing and seeing results from Adashiko customers – the response has been amazing, and I’m so thrilled that we’re able to deliver this next generation supplement to New Zealanders. We’ve had ground breaking results in people with arthritis and joint issues. Knowing that we’re helping people live their best lives pain free is such a rewarding feeling,” says Luci Firth, Adashiko Owner and Health Enthusiast.

We have 1 x Adashiko Collagen skincare pack containing; 1 x Adashiko Collagen Cleanse bar, 1 x Adashiko Collagen Ultra 100% Pure Peptide Collagen Powder (30 day supply), 1 x Adashiko Collagen Gel Masques (Pack of 5) and 1 x Adashiko Collagen & Noni Gel (50ml) (valued at RRP$259.80) to give away!

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Entries close midday 30th September 2019.

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