Company of Strangers and NZ Post release Mother’s Day scarf collaboration

Sara Munro, designer from Company of Strangers (right) and her daughter Frankie (left) with the new Mother’s Day scarves collaboration with NZ Post. Image supplied.

Company of Strangers and NZ Post have partnered on a beautiful Mother’s Day scarf collaboration that is available now. The limited edition scarves are meant to celebrate the special relationship between mothers and daughters with each scarf purchased for Mother’s Day, NZ Post will gift one to the purchaser as well.

“The concept is simple, buy a scarf for your mum this Mother’s Day, and NZ Post will send you one too,” says NZ Post Head of Brand, Marcomms & Sponsorship Tina Morgan. “Delivering things that Kiwis care about and connecting people is at the core of what we do. The idea of celebrating Mother’s Day by connecting both mothers and daughters with these exclusively designed scarves really resonated with us, as this is what we do at NZ Post everyday.”

Designer Sara Munro from Company of Strangers designed the two scarves to be worn separately as well as together, which can be done by tying the contrasting coloured scarves with the Company of Strangers custom, nickel tip shoelace.

“Being able to tie the scarves together, is for me, symbolic of the way mothers and daughters are always in some way tied together or apart,” says Sara Munro. “The scarf design also allows it to be styled in many different ways, encouraging each wearer to showcase their own personality with the same item. As any mum knows, sometimes your favourite scarf or garment doesn’t stay in your wardrobe long with fashion savvy daughters, so this Mother’s Day gift is something for both mum and daughter to celebrate their relationship – and also means you are not in danger of it going missing.”

The scarves are designed and made in New Zealand and the print for the scarves was created by artist Ella Harrington-Knapton and features the words ‘Only Forever’ in a child’s handwriting which further celebrates the mother and daughter bond. They’re available in two gorgeous limited edition colourways; black with a pink blush print and vibrant red with a pink blush print.

The scarves are available to purchase from the Company of Strangers website now for $85. With each scarf purchase you will receive the second colourway as a gift from NZ Post.

Images supplied.

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