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The twentieth century appearance of urban beaches has created a demand for beachwear that is appropriate for wearing on the sand as well as in a city setting; such as the markets, at BBQs or simply on the streets. During summer many people like to remain ‘beach ready’, at all times, wearing something that can be both street and beachwear simultaneously. Swimwear can be worn underneath kaftans, shorts, tops or maxi dresses, removed in the parking lot or on the beach when you want to go swimming, and put on afterwards for the continuation of your day. So if you want your beachwear to be this versatile, what should you look for?

Nearly every place it gets sizzling hot has their own kaftan style: India, Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia and of course, the Pacific Islands. Different cultures offer different styles of this summer must have – and that is why they many shapes and lengths. Those from the Middle East tend to be long, while those from Asia are more commonly form fitted with a slight flare at the bottom. “Kiwis mostly embrace this style,” says Daniel Amosa of Zeema New Zealand. “Or range combines the traditional kaftan styles of the Middle East, Asia and the Paci?c Islands (including New Zealand) for a unique selection of beachwear that’s Polynesian with a funky designer twist,” he says. Check out their Koru, Tapa or Bubbles designs.



The maxi makes a return as the dress-of-the-moment for summer 2010, with a wide variety of fits and fabrics to flatter all ages and shapes. With the ability to go from bohemian to chic with the help of a few simple accessories the maxi dress is the answer to all wardrobe dilemmas, but being swamped by a maxi dress is not a good look as it will give the impression of being larger than you are. The dress should skim curves rather than cling, to hide a multitude of sins.



There are several mini trends within the beachwear trend this summer as far as prints go – from floral to tribal to embroidered detailing.

Good beachwear is supposed to be made from natural fibres, so the skin can breathe and remain cool. It should also be roomy and drape beautifully – therefore the choice is really down to quality cotton; which just keeps getting softer with every wash and floats around the body. Check the fabric mix on the label before you buy, especially if buying online.



Accessories are a must for your beachwear look. Go for oversized sunglasses, dangly earrings, crocheted scarves, large wooden bangles and oversized necklaces. A headband will also help to complete the look, and don’t forget a hat!

Now is the time to show your fringed flats, platform wedges, metallic sandals or gladiator styles – if you aren’t wearing the Kiwi beach footwear staple – the jandal! Get a pair of fashion designer jandals from No 1 Shoes and help support KidsCan.

Other garments that are beachwear appropriate include tunic length tops, tees or tanks, pants, shorts or skirts in a relaxed style, and anything floaty that can be belted or paired with any of the above for a truly stylish ensemble.

– Miranda Likeman

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