Charlotte Ronson at New York Fashion Week

A significant proportion of Charlotte Ronson’s followers might still have been in diapers during the early 1990s (the designer herself was only in high school), but that probably won’t cause them to be any less taken by the grungy garments she sent down her runway at New York’s Lincoln Center on Saturday.

In fact the only ones who might be at all hesitant to jump on board with this trend are those who can remember nose rings, beanies and plaid shirts tied around the waist, and who would prefer to leave them in the past. But even then it would be difficult not to be won over by her uber-cool collection, and let’s face it: Those who were already donning power suits in the 90s are not exactly Ronson’s target audience.

But, though grungy, the collection was not overly messy and was kept just pretty and feminine enough with long floral dresses, flirty sheer separates with delicate embroidery, and braided hair that would look perfectly in place at either Burning Man 1994 or at Coachella 16 years later. Highlights of the show were indeed these more subtle looks, in particular a long sheer dress in bright orange, belted at the waist and sported by pillow-lipped Kansas native Lindsey Wixson of Miu Miu fame.

I wasn’t left wanting a metal ring hanging from my eyebrow, but was definitely wishing I had nearly everything else hanging in my closet.




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Article by Hannah Ongley

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