Chaos & Harmony’s new Bridal Boutique collection

Rebecca Anderson, Chaos & Harmony’s Creative Director. Image supplied.

Wedding season is in full swing which makes the arrival of Chaos & Harmony’s new Bridal Boutique collection perfectly timed to capture the attention of brides-to-be. The beautiful new range was designed by the brand’s creative director, Rebecca Anderson, and features elegant, wearable footwear that is as comfortable as it is gorgeous.

The collection launches today and we had a quick chat with Rebecca about what inspired her designs and how she loves the idea of brides being able to re-wear their wedding shoes for other events.

How did the new bridal collection come about?
We have always wanted to create a bridal collection. Recently our sales manager got married and, while she was always going wear Chaos & Harmony, we realised there aren’t as many options out there for brides as there should be. We were aware that people have worn our shoes in the past, so we thought why not take some of our much-loved Chaos & Harmony styles and reimagine them for brides and their bridal party. We ended up creating some completely new styles for the collection as well.

What is the inspiration behind the designs?
We really thought about the Chaos & Harmony woman and what she would wear on her wedding day. The Chaos & Harmony bride knows exactly who she is and the kind of wedding she’ll have. She has a particular look and overall style in mind that she wants to create. She likely has modern, classic taste and will be decisive when she finds the right shoe. We wanted her to be able to choose from a wide range, so there’s statement power heels, strappy stilettos and classic pumps, along with a few simpler styles with low or mid heels. And of course every style had to meet our criteria – Would we wear them? Is it comfortable? Do these shoes bring me joy?

How is this collection different to your normal Chaos & Harmony ranges?
We’ve deliberately made this collection more luxurious, choosing very specific leathers and adding a leather outsole, which our normal range doesn’t have. We want our brides to feel their very best and hope our shoes help create that. We’ve recreated our popular Freedom sandal, but added a removable fabric flower on the ankle strap. Other than that, our brides can expect all the distinct design details that they’ve come to know and love from Chaos & Harmony.

Where do you see this collection fitting into the current bridal market?
The Bridal Boutique collection is complementary to many designers we love who are creating beautiful gowns for their clients. Our aim is to add to the vision a bride has for her wedding style, which we like to think is a natural extension of her everyday style. So our brides are likely to be women who already know and love the Chaos & Harmony aesthetic and simply want a more luxurious, or slightly tweaked, version of their favourite shoe for their wedding day.

Given the simple, but elegant, nature of the designs they can easily be re-worn for other occasions. Is this something you had in mind when creating them?
Absolutely. We love the idea of being able to wear your wedding shoes again with different outfits. We always try to design shoes that have a timeless quality, so they can be worn for years, reducing the chance of them adding to our industry’s strain on the environment. So we took the same approach here, keeping them deliberately understated and elegant, so they can continue to be worn long after your wedding day.

Images supplied.

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