Celebrate Matariki with Nichola’s Hiwa i te rangi collection

Nichola Te Kiri Hiwa i te rangi collection

Looks from Nicola’s Hiwa i te rangi collection. Image by Ash Muir.

The latest drop from Nichola’s Hiwa i te rangi collection is out this week with the third and final drop of the collection perfectly timed with Matariki. Hiwa-i-te-rangi is one of the nine stars of Matariki. “The word ‘hiwa’ means ‘vigorous of growth’, and it is to Hiwa that Māori would send their dreams and desires for the year in hope that they would be realised,” – astronomer Rangi Matamua, Matariki: The Star of the Year.

“She’s the star that we send our hopes and aspirations to for the forthcoming year so we thought that it’s really timely,” says designer Nichola Te Kiri. “We’ve come out of this lockdown period and a lot of change has happened and now it’s a time to wish and send out our hopes and dreams for the new year (Māori new year).

The kōrero behind the patterns used within this collection is strongly based around the tukutuku pattern, Purapura whetū (star seeds, or sometimes stardust). This formation of the cross-stitch has been used to represent either Hiwa-i-te-rangi on her own or as the entire matariki constellation and its nine stars.

The image of the wāhine (woman) is our interpretation of Hiwa, drawn within a taimana (diamond) which again is in reference to a star. The tukutuku patterns on the border of this frame are in lots of nine (matariki reference), we have included the actual constellation in her night hair and her moko kauae (chin) shows the connection between the stars and us here on the whenua (land).”

The imagery that accompanies the collection was shot by photographer Ash Muir with models Leana Leary, Georgia Le’Mon and Tiare Millar bringing a sense of confidence and hopefulness to the beautifully detailed new pieces. The collection showcases Nichola’s contemporary style with wearable looks in warm hues complemented by stunning jewellery. It’s a perfect example of modern Māori design that is very appealing and is sure to bring Nichola many new fans.

Nichola Te Kiri Hiwa i te rangi collection

Nichola Te Kiri Hiwa i te rangi collection

Images by Ash Muir.

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