Cathy Pope’s stunning StoneStruck collection

Cathy Pope StoneStruck

Jewellery from Cathy Pope’s new StoneStruck collection.

Cathy Pope recently unveiled the stunning new collection StoneStruck from her eponymous jewellery brand which is available in stores and online on May 1st. It’s a gorgeous range full of limited edition pieces that is inspired by the amazing power of earth’s creations and Cathy’s love of nature, colour and texture.

The designer has utilised beautiful and exotic moss agate, rhodonite, chrysophase and malachite to create sublime jewellery. The natural and dyed gemstones are fused with high quality Italian metals for pieces that are eye-catching and made to treasure. “I always design with the goal of giving women the opportunity to own unique and timeless keepsake pieces,” says Cathy Pope. “The women who wear my jewellery play a major role in how the ranges have evolved over the years. Seeing how women wear and live in the pieces I’ve created is truly inspirational to me.”

Each piece is hand-crafted and ethically made with the designer traveling regularly to India to work with her small team of craftsmen to hand make her designs. This range is her eighth jewellery collection and since the beginning Cathy has worked with only authentic gemstones and been an ethically-minded business. “I strive to be at the forefront of everything that we do, whether that’s sourcing materials from trusted suppliers or connecting with customers on a personal level,” adds the designer. This divine new range will no doubt bring many more fans Cathy Pope’s way.


Cathy Pope StoneStruck

Images by Sacha Stejko.

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