Caroline Marr and The Carpenter's Daughter Team Help Quake Victim

My name is Carly McCall, and I'm a long-time resident of Christchurch. Last Tuesday, my partner and I were in an elevator on the University of Canterbury campus when the earthquake struck, and we were trapped for around 90 minutes until rescuers came and set us free. Understandably traumatised, we fled Christchurch two days later and came to stay with our wonderful family in the rural Waikato.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way Air New Zealand misplaced my bag containing all of my favourite clothes, shoes and familiar items from home. Dirty, shell-shocked and miserable, I had almost nothing but the clothes on my back. In a status update on Facebook, I spilled my pain and frustration. Now, almost a week later, I've received an amazing parcel from Caroline Marr and The Carpenter's Daughter, who I modelled for in Christchurch on two of their VIP client days. The beautiful, bright, wonderful clothes in this generous parcel total amost $1000 in retail value but the gesture of care and solidarity in this time of despair is priceless.

I wondered if you could possibly make mention of this on your website or in one of your newsletters? I would really like people to know how kind and wonderful these ladies are, and that they have really brightened up my life.

Carly McCall

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