Bring your tootsies into spring

Come the beginning of spring, your feet are dry, scaly and are probably still sporting the same nail polish you put on in July.

This is all very well in winter when you are wearing all manner of boots, socks, slippers and closed in shoes, but when the sun comes out it is absolutely not acceptable to unleash your feet on the rest of the world with out giving them a makeover first.

Here is FashioNZ's quick and easy guide to getting your feet ready for strappy sandals and peep-toe heels – after all, perfect grooming is the perfect accessory!

1) Set aside 30-40 minutes of 'me' time – we are talking gorgeous feet here ladies, and unfortunately, gorgeous takes time!

2) Remove all nail polish with an acetone free nail polish remover.

3) Soak your feet in a bucket/bowl/foot spa for ten minutes. Add a handful of Epsom salts and a few drops of your favourite essential oils or perfume. Peppermint oil is great for tired feet and Jasmine oil really softens the skin.

4) Use an exfoliating scrub on your feet to remove excess skin. You can make a great one from things you already have in the cupboard at home – mix 1 part body wash to 2 parts sugar and massage it in to the feet.

5) If you have particularly dry feet, use a foot file (available at most chemists) to get rid of really dry patches. Soak it in water first so that the file is not too abrasive.

6) Pop your feet back in the water to soak for another 1-2 minutes and then dry thoroughly.

7) Apply a moisturising foot cream, to retain the moisture and make your feet smell sweet. We love Delicious Hand and Foot Balm in Pink Delicious. RRP: $7.90

8) Very gently use an orange stick or nail file to push your now softened cuticles back. Don't try to push them to far back or remove them completely- this is best left to a pro at the salon.

9) Use a facial toner solution to wipe any moisturiser off your toenails so that the nail polish will stay put.

10) Clip your toenails straight across using clippers and file to smooth the edges. This spring the fashionable shape is still square with rounded edges – classic and classy.

11) Apply a coat of base coat to the nail and let it dry.

12) Choose a fabulous spring colour. Forget the chocolates, blacks, bronzes and maroons of winter – anything bright is hot for spring. Think orange, coral, and fire engine red.

13) Apply two coats of colour, making sure the polish dries in between. To get the perfect polish results: starting about .5mm away from the cuticle, paint one stripe up the middle of the nail, and then one stripe on either side of this to cover the nail without touching the skin at the edges.

14) Apply a top coat.

15) Use a cotton bud to remove any excess polish around the nail.

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