Bridal Coup for New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the first to see Perlotti’s collection together with some of his evening dresses and BFW director Gloria Vincent couldn’t be more excited.

“It just goes to show that although we’re a small country we can pack a punch when it comes to bridal fashion events,” she says.

Perlotti has called his 2012 range The Chryselephantine collection. This originates from the little chryselephantine statues made of ivory and metal which date back to the beginning of the 20th century.

The legendary Cymbeline sisters of Paris will also be showcasing their 2011 collection called Femmes – a collection that pays tribute to women, their beauty and diversity – a modern and contemporary vision of today’s woman.

Of course, Bridal Fashion Week has already attracted many of this country’s talented bridal designers, including Liz Mitchell, Robyn Cliffe, John Zimmerman, Rosemary Smith, Vinka Design,
Rositta Chong, Shika, Alison Blain, Yvonne Bennetti, Annie Bonza, Jane Yeh, Sera Lilly and Exclusive Suit Hire.

They will all be showcasing their latest bridal season collections in a variety of fashion runway shows over five days. Bridal Fashion Week Auckland runs from April 1-5 at The Dome’s upper deck venue, in the Auckland Museum. For more information visit

Emma Smith
4th March 2011

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