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Perhaps I have been living under a large rock, but after a reading a beauty salon menu recently, I had to ask a colleague what the difference was between a Brazilian wax, and a Hollywood wax – and for those of you who are as innocent as me, a Brazilian wax leaves a landing strip, while the Hollywood leaves you totally bald, zero, nada, nothing.

Glad we got that cleared up.

Although a summer beauty essential, ripping all the hair from your lady garden is never going to be number one on your list of fun things to do – but there are ways to make the process a bit less traumatizing.

I chatted to some professional waxers, and longtime Brazilian converts and picked up some tips that can make the whole experience a little smoother – and yes ladies, pun is intended.

1) Sauvignon Blanc

Or Riesling.. or chardonnay.. or pinot noir.. or vodka.. or gin – pick your drink and stick to it.

Now I am not suggesting you go and get rip-snorting drunk before you attend the beauticians, but I can tell you from my own personal experience, and the recommendations of other hair free ladies that one glass or two can really calm the nerves before you de-robe your bottom half/ and help with pain. And if alcohol is not your thing, have a soothing shot of rescue remedy to zen you out a little before you spread'em.

2) Timing

I don't think I really have to say this and I am not sure why anyone would want to visit their waxer when Aunty Flow is in town, but don't get waxed while you have your period. Period.

Avoiding a waxing appointment in the week leading up to your period is a good idea too as it can be more painful then there is screaming banshee on the waxing table and then there is pre-menstrual screaming banshee on the waxing table and I think that is all I need to say.

3) Arnica

Channeling your inner hippy and swigging back some arnica before the big W-A-X can help to lower the pain a bit and minimize the risk of bruising. You can get it from chemists and health stores in a drop form and it is a good idea to start taking it a few hours beforehand. And even if it doesn't help a huge deal, there is still something so satisfyingly holier-than-thou about sitting at your desk taking herbal remedies.

4) Get hard

Having all the hair ripped out of your vagina is always going to be painful or at the very least uncomfortable. Lucky for us it really does not take that long so lie back, grin and bear it and think happy thoughts, after all its not like someone MADE you do it did they?

(Have also heard that orgasms are great pain relief in these situations. For obvious reasons and to the relief of my beautician I have not tried this method out)

Love, Kate

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